Zecotek Photonics release a white paper explaining their glasses-free 3D display

Zecotek Photonics logoZecotek Photonics released a white paper on its glasses-free 3D display technology. The white paper makes important distinctions between Zecotek’s patented Real-Time 3D Display system and other auto-stereoscopic systems now being offered to consumers, in particular the technical barriers to true high-definition resolution.

You can download the white-paper here (PDF).

Zecotek's 3D display system does not require glasses, eye tracking or other extraneous or viewer dependent devices. Based on a patented array of matched, dynamic lenticular lenses and coupled with high speed image projection, Zecotek’s Real-Time 3D Display system offers a solution to the impasse of current 3D technologies. The system operates by forming a very large number of perspective views which, together with its wide viewing angle, allows multiple viewers to each have their own unique perspective. This combination of views, viewing angle and the 3D display's high resolution offer a viewing experience closest to the visual perception of real objects.

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