Nikon NF-300i

Nikon's NF-300i is a glasses-free 3D digital photo frame. The display is a 7.2" (800x600) LCD with lenticular lens. It has an Ethernet port, USB and Wi-Fi, and it runs Android v2.1 and can show all sorts of services (such as RSS, weather, etc.) and also movies.

Nikon NF-300i photo

Nikon will only sell the NF-300i with a 2D to 3D conversion web-based service (called my Picturetown 3D). It will cost ¥1,995 ($25) per month which includes the rent for the NF-300i and up to 3 conversions per month. The service will launch in March 2011.

3D display type: 
7.2" (800x600) lenticular-lens LCD
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