Mysterious glasses-free 3D TVs appear in Amazon, to ship in May

Here's something interesting we found at Amazon: StreamTV is set to launch new 37" and 42" 3D TVs at May 7th (but you can pre-order them today). The TVs has a built-in Blu-ray player, 500GB HDD, 2D to 3D software, built-in browser, Camera, video-conferencing and comes with a keyboard with a built-in mouse. The 37" model will cost $3,999 and the 42" model will go for $5,999. We don't know the technology behind those displays...

We don't know much about StreamTV either, only that they currently offer a 55" LCD TV with the same features (but with no 3D) for $2300 (and it's Temporarily out of stock).

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