Korea to get 3D TV soon

Korea's Communications Commission (KCC), will issue a license in January to start the trial services for land-based 3D broadcasting, which is to be delivered in full high-definition (HD) quality. Korea wants to be the first country with HD 3D broadcasting. 

CJ HelloVision (Korean Cable TV) and TU Media (mobile TV operator) both plan to begin trial 3D TV services in 2009. CJ HelloVision wants to introduce video-on-demand with 3D within 2 weeks for about 300 households, with real-time 3D broadcasts to come next year. Viewers will need new set-top boxes.

TU Media, meanwhile, plans to release a 3D capable handset in a few weeks that will support 3D video. TU Media is considering a separate channel on their satellite network to test the 3D broadcasts for about an hour each day.

Finally, Sky Life (satellite TV operator) plans to start trial services of 3D broadcasting in January 2010.

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