Interview with HDI's CEO, promises first 103" laser 3D HDTV samples in June

HDI is based in California, and is working towards a laser-based 3D HDTV. Their TV will be large (100"), with 1920x1080 resolution and a fast response rate. The TVs will cost between $10,000 to $15,000.

HDI 100 3-D laser TV photo

HDI's CEO, Ingemar Jansson, was kind enough to answer a few question we had. He also sent us the spec of their upcoming TV that includes a comparison to other 3D display technologies.

Q: Ingemar, thanks for answering this. You are building a Laser-LCoS based 3D TV. Can you tell us a bit about the technology? Who are your business partners? (for the lasers, LCoS panels, etc)?

Yes we are building laser/Lcos stereoscopic 100" display, it is our own developed technology both with the lasers and the Lcos chip.

Q: You are using Polarization-technology for the 3D. How does that compare with Active-Shutter 3D?

We are using dual 1920X1080 Lcos, full 1080 per eye all the time means passive glasses. We do not like active "flicker" glasses. The big boys are hostage to their own technology LCD and Plasma which requires Active "expensive flicker glasses", they have no other choice.

Q: In December 2009 you said that the Laser TVs will cost $10,000 to $15,000, with first units available in May. Is that still on track?

In 10K volumes the cost is correct, sample units are available in June.

Q: We know that Green-lasers are currently in very low supply. Will that be a problem for you?

We are building our own RGB lasers, so it will not be a problem.

Q: Almost all TV makers announced upcoming 3D models, most of them based on Active-Shutter LCD. Those TVs will be cheaper than your solution (although not as large, of course). Do you plan to remain in the high-end Niche market?

In the beginning we will stay at high quality hi-end with passive glasses and let the big boys fight it out in the small screen low-end active glasses market. let us see what the market tell us passive or active technology.

Our technology is very scalable in screen size. so we could enter smaller screen market at will.

Q: In your web site you mention two more 3D products: a projector and a 46" LCD TV. Any updates on those?

Our technology also lends itself very well as a laser front projector with variable brightness pending on how much laser power is needed. Our 46" LCD X-POL product that we call HDI LITE is for small screen markets with passive glasses and can compete with active glasses in price.

Our technology gives us the opportunity to be the best video quality display engine in both HD and 3D, right now we are focusing on the 3D home entertainment market but could easily enter the Cinema market with our next generation of super hi-res silicon (Lcos).

Thanks Ingemar, and good luck to both you and HDI!

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