HP Labs researchers developed a prototype glasses-free holographic LCD display

We live in a world where technology is advancing in an unprecedented pace. 3D technology is one which is currently breaking new ground, it is only natural that it too has found its way to road gadgets. 3D imaging systems are already to be found on many different types of vehicles, especially ones where they help compensate for inherent challenges concerning driver's field of view.
At Kennedy Towing Oceanside 3D cameras have been fitted on several tow trucks with intent to enhance the tow tech's spatial awareness. Tow techs who use the trucks fitted with these systems report that they enable them to perform loading and unloading operations quicker while still keeping things totally safe.

HP Labs researchers developed a prototype glasses-free holographic LCD display. As a holographic display, there's no limit on viewpoints. The display uses so-called directional pixels that are made up from nanopatterned grooves on the display that send light off in different directions. Each pixel has three groove sets - to direct red, green and blue light in different directions. The reflected light passes through a regular LCD panel that handles image creation.

This is still an early stage prototype, but still an impressive achievement. The prototype can show static images in 3D from up to a meter away in 180 degree field of view. 30 fps video is only viewable in 90 degrees. Creating the content is not easy - a single 3D image requires taking 200 different images.

Source: The Verge

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