Hitachi shows 10" glasses-free 3D display

Hitachi is showing their 10-inch "Full Parallax 3D display". It sports 640x480 resolution and there's no need for glasses. The displays uses a technology called "Integral Photography with Overlaid Projection" - 16 projectors and a lens array sheet over them. This makes it possible to view the 3D display from any angle (vertical and horizontal).

Hitachi no-glasses 10 3D display photo

In glasses-free displays of this kind, there's a trade-off between the number of 'viewpoints' and the resolution. Hitachi uses 16 projectors, each of them with 800x600 resolution. Totally there are 7.7 million pixels (like 4000x2000 resolution). The final image is just 640x480, though (because of the number of viewpoints).

Via TechOn
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