China's TV makers launch 3D TVs

Digitimes reports that several Chinese TV makers are launching 3D TVs. Skyworth will introduce their first LED-backlit 3D LCDs in May, with sizes ranging from 42" to 55". Prices will be around 20-30% more expensive than same-sized 2D models.

Changhong have launched a 55" 3D LED-backlit LCD and will introduce 3D plasmas and CCFL-backlit LCDs in the future.

Hisense plans 46", 47" and 55" 3D LCDs that will come with a free pair of active-shutter glasses. The 55" model will cost less than 20,000 yuan ($3000).

We can expect prices of 3D TVs in China to range from 10,000 to 30,000 yuan ($1,500-$4400), and active-shutter glasses will cost around 800-1,000 yuan ($116-$150).

Other Chinese companies that are interested in the 3D TV market Konka and TCL.

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