Aiptek's 7" 3D photo/video frame to launch on August 15th and cost $199.99

Aiptek has announced their 3D photo/video frame a few weeks ago, and now we have more details: The 3D frame will cost $199, and will ship on August 15th. You can pre-order it now from It uses a 7" parallax LCD display, so you do not need glasses to view the 3D images. You can view photos that you have captured on your 3D camcorder - such as the Aiptek's i2, which also costs $199.99, and will ship on August 15th as well.). You can also use the included software to convert 2D images to 3D ones.

Aiptek 3D photo and video frame image

Pre-order the Aiptek 3D photo/video display now from for $199.99.

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